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Lifeline and Link Up America

– Your connection to low cost telephone service


Your Connection to low cost telephone service:

The Innovative Telephone Corporation, in conjunction with the Public Services Commission (PSC) and the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is providing Lifeline and Link Up America programs that reduce the cost of telephone installation and basic telephone service.



Lifeline provides reduced monthly rates for basic telephone services.

To be eligible for Lifeline you must:

Be a resident of the Virgin Islands.

Be a minimum age of 18 years old AND be the head of the household.

Have a gross annual household income not to exceed limits stipulated by the Virgin Islands Department of Human Services.

Be certified for participation by the US Virgin Islands Department of Human Services.


Here’s how LIFELINE works

If you qualify for participation in LIFELINE, you will receive a credit on your LOCAL  telephone bill of $6.50 on the end user charge and $3.50 discount on the residential one-party rate, for a total credit of $10.00 monthly.


You may qualify for additional LIFELINE benefits:

You may be eligible for additional LIFELINE benefits of $7.05 monthly if you meet the eligibility requirements for the following assistance programs:

Old age assistance

Aid to families with dependent children.

Aid to permanently and totally disabled

Aid to the blind

General assistance

Energy assistance


Lifeline benefits cannot be applied to any other telephone services. The program will not pay for a telephone instrument, custom calling features such as Call Waiting, 3 Way Calling, Speed Dialing, or Call Forwarding, or long distance charges. You must pay for those charges yourself.


Participation in this program does not prevent disconnection for non-payment.



In dollars and cents, here’s how LIFELINE helps you:

Current monthly telephone charge  $29.75

(Including end user charge)

Lifeline End User Credit $6.50

Monthly charge after LIFELINE credits $19.75

Additional credit for those eligible   $7.05

Monthly charge after lifeline credits  $12.70


Rates % Tariffs are authorized by the Virgin Islands Public Service Commission and Federal Communication Commission and are subject to change after 11/03/03 publication of this document.



Link up reduces the cost of installing basic telephone service in eligible households that are without telephone. Qualified participants receive a $30 reduction on the installation charge for new service from the current $65 to $35.*

*Discount does not apply to Ready Service.



Cannot currently have telephone service. Link Up America applies to the installation of the new service only.

Must be a minimum age of 18 years old AND be head of a househould.

Must have a gross annual household income not to exceed limits stipulated by the Virgin Islands Department of Human Services.


If you desire, Innovative will bill Link Up America participants for the balance of the installation charge over four equal monthly payments.


Deposits requirements for eligible persons in the Lifeline or Link Up America program will be waived if previous credit history is acceptable.



The US Virgin Islands Department of Human Services is the only agency that can certify your eligibility to participate in LIFELINE and Link Up America. Human Services will ask you to complete an application. Bring your certified application to Innovative for processing to start receiving benefits of LIFELINE and LINK UP AMERICA.


Department of Human Services

St Thomas/ St John 774-2399 

St Croix – Frederiksted 772-0085

St Croix – Christiansted 773-2323



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